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PRESS NOTE – Benetton Group: appointment of new Board of Directors

Kết quả xổ số Cà MauPonzano Veneto, Italy – May 20, 2013. Benetton Group shareholders’ meeting, held today and chaired by Alessandro Benetton, approved the appointment of the new Board of Directors as follows:

Alessandro Benetton (Chairman)
Kết quả xổ số Cà Mau Biagio Chiarolanza (Chief Executive Officer)

Christian Benetton (Director)
Franca Bertagnin Benetton (Director)
Sabrina Benetton (Director)
Gianni Mion (Director)
Sandro Saccardi (Director)

Tommaso Baracco (Independent Director)
Fabio Buttignon (Independent Director)
Paolo Cavallo (Independent Director)
Alfredo Malguzzi (Independent Director)
Fabio Tamburini (Independent Director)

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